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Maserati Tipo 61 "Birdcage" №7 GP Cuba/Havana 1960 Stirling Moss Signature Edition 500 pcs.

Maserati Tipo 61 Maserati Tipo 61 Maserati Tipo 61 Maserati Tipo 61
Масштаб: 1:18 () Артикул: M-149
  • Категория: CMC Акция
  • Марка: Maserati
  • Марка из: Италия
  • Тип модели: Формула 1
  • Год выпуска: 1960
  • Цвет: Разноцветный
  • Материал: Металл
  • Наличие: В наличии
  • Остаток: 6
Цена: 37700.00
В корзину

Масштабная модель Maserati Tipo 61 "Birdcage" №7 GP Cuba/Havana 1960 Stirling Moss Signature Edition 500 pcs.


Шедевр модельной архитектуры Модель: CMC Diecast Maserati Tipo 61 Birdcage #7 Cuban (Havana) GP 1960, Signature Edition Sir Stirling Moss

This model is composed of 1,140 single parts, 507 of which are made of stainless steel, copper, and brass.

Технические данные модели CMC:

  1. Модель: Fertigmodell, handmontiertes Präzisionsmodell
  2. Производитель: CMC GmbH, Classic Model Cars, Germany
  3. Масштаб: 1:18
  4. Артикул: M-149
  5. Количество деталей: 1,140
  6. Лимитированная серия: 500 шт.

CMC model car details:

  • Hand-assembled precision metal model, built from more than 1,140 singel parts
  • Tubular space-frame replicated with unprecedented detail-exactness
  • Authentically-shaped and true-to-scale body
  • Elaborate two-tone finish and livery that are characteristic of the Camoradi team
  • The front hinged engine hood opens to reveal the engine, cooling system and front wheel suspension, all crafted with authentic sophistication
  • Highly-detailed engine, complete with all the aggregates, pipes and cabling
  • Oil tank with a flip-open filler cap
  • Metal air intake duct for footwell cooling
  • Dismountable spoke wheels on AluMinium rims
  • Stainless- steel spokes wired by hand
  • Air scoop for the cooling of the footwell made of metal
  • Dashboard with detailed instruments
  • Bucket seats with textile cover
  • Removable rear-end cover with functional locking mechanism
  • Metal fuel tank with the filler neck and movable cap
  • Removable spare wheel, fastened with a leather belt
  • The innovative frame reconstructed true to the original and made from filigrane metal tubes
  • Baseplate can be unscrewed to offer an even closer look to the space frame
  • Metal cockpit-baseplate. Riveted junction plate over the cross-ties
  • Authentically replicated gearbox
  • Metal exhaust manifold in perfect replica
  • Single-front-wheel suspension on twin triangular wishbones with coil springs and telescopic shock absorbers

Описание оригинальной модели:

The Cuban Grand Prix was launched under the Batista adMinistration in 1957 and meant to attract wealthy tourists from the nearby USA primarily.

The race comprised 50 rounds, with a total distance of 260.5 kilometers, on a road course running along beach promenades of Havana, Cuba. The frist race in 1957 was a huge success. And the laurels went to Juan Manuel Fangio on a Maserati 300 S. In the following year, however, Fangio was unable to attend the race, as he was abducted by anti-government rebels right in front of the hotel. The race itself was ill-starred, not only because of Fangio's abduction, but also because Armando Garcia Cifuentes crashed his Ferrari into the crowd, killing seven spectators.

The racing event was called off in 1959 due to the impact of a rising revolution led by Fidel Castro. In 1960, the race resumed but was relocated to Camp Freedom. There, the Cuban Grand Prix was held for the last time on an airfield. Stirling Moss participated in the race, drove a Maserati Tipo Birdcage with starting #7 from Camoradi, a USA private team, and won a commanding victory. Two NART-drivers finished next to him: Pedro Rodriguez who took the second place on a Ferrari 250 TR 59, and Masten Gregory who came out third on a Porsche 718.

Технические характеристики оригинальной модели:

  1. Двигатель: 4-cylinder in-line engine inclined to the right by 45°
  2. Рабочий объем: 2,890 см/куб
  3. Размер цилиндра: 95.5 x 92 мм.
  4. Степень сжатия: 9 : 1
  5. Максимальная мощность: 250 л/с при 6,800 об/мин
  6. Максимальная скорость: 285 km/hr
  7. Колесная база: 2,200 мм.
  8. Передняя ось: 1,250 мм.
  9. Задняя колея: 1,200 мм.
  10. Общая длина: 3,800 мм.
  11. Total weight: 600 кг.
  12. Independent wheel suspension in the front
  13. De-Dion rear axle with cross installed compound spring

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